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Cristiano Ronaldo Photos Gallery

Browse through our various galleries of Cristiano Ronaldo pictures. Gallery 1 contains images of Ronaldo playing football for Manchester United and previous club Sporting Lisbon. Gallery 2 contains images of Cristiano Ronaldo playing internationally for home country Portugal. Gallery 3 contains pictures of Cristiano relaxing with family and friends. Gallery number 4 contains pictures of Ronaldo doing modelling work. To enlarge any of the images click on any of the thumbnail pictures below.

Cristiano Ronaldo Gallery 1

Cristiano Ronaldo Picture Gallery This gallery contains images of Cristiano Ronaldo playing for Manchester United and Sporting Lison.

Cristiano Ronaldo Gallery 2

Cristiano Ronaldo Picture Gallery 2 In this gallery are pictures of Cristiano Ronaldo performing at International level for Portugal.

Cristiano Ronaldo Gallery 3

Cristiano Ronaldo Picture Gallery 3Cristiano Ronaldo relaxing away from work, with friends and family in this gallery of pictures.

Cristiano Ronaldo Gallery 4

Cristiano Ronaldo Picture Gallery 4Cristiano has worked as a model for major brandnames, here is the gallery of modelling pictures.

Cristiano Ronaldo Pictures Gallery 1 - Performing for Man Utd and Sporting Lisbon

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If you would like to send us your own pictures of Cristiano Ronaldo for us to use on this website then please contact us on our e-mail address: contact (at) cristianoronaldopics (dot) com. If we use your picture then we may reward you with a special gift prize.

Note - most of these images have been sourced from various locations on the Internet. If you are the copyright owner or would like us to remove any of the images or pieces on the website, then please contact us using the above e-mail address.